Bummy Chic Shit

by KJOHN posted November 6, 2012 category KJOHN

I love this new coat I found from one of my recent thrift excursions. The print, color, and fit is so perfect. In regards to the “clutch” (loosely speaking), I was very hesitant to purchase it because it is a women’s accessory. However, IT’S TRANSPARENT!!!! I could not resist to obtain this cool bag and it’s big enough to be considered a man’s bag as well. What do you guys think?






Coat-thrifted, Shirt-James Perse, Shorts-Thrifted, Tights-Bobby Day, Shoes-Patrick Ervell, Bag-202 Factory








5 Responses to Bummy Chic Shit

  1. I’m stealing this jacket. But seriously, really great yet subtle layering job here bro. Esp. love the James Perse pecking from the jacket cuffs.

  2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Doll the transitioning of your style to a darker kind of vibe is like giving me life.

  4. BABAY ! YES ! Think my fave are the patched leggings — oo wee break down the texture baby yes, yes – and please tell me you’re not wearing those shorts backwards !!

  5. **drops the mic** sigh. your style is a gift. EVERYTHING is perfection right here. And that “clutch”??? no worries because it fits right in to your style.

    ***my style doesnt involve mic droppings but I just felt the need to do so in your honor lol!


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