by KJOHN posted July 25, 2011 category The Regs.

On one of the HOTTEST days of summer so far I hung with my bros Josh,Trav, Cleon, and one of the funniest girls I know Lizzy. It’s never a dull moment when we all hang out together and crack jokes for hours. Luckily, I had my camera and Cleon was down to shoot us just roaming the streets aimlessly. It’s amazing how we all became friends. I actually don’t really remember how we all became friends!!! lol…But either way I’m glad we did.

My Fit-Shirt Vintage, Pants-Uniqlo, Shoes-thrifted, Bag- Jack Spade

Photos take by Cleon Grey of Aveder Outfit

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  1. You all look like a fun group to hang with for a day in the city. I’m sure you guys had a blast!

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I must say the vibe emanating from you is purely amazing. Your style is phenomenal, Im an artist and you inspire me!
    Peace, and true love

    • thanks so much…I’m happy I inspired you because I’m a strong believer we should all inspire each other

  3. Why am I never in any photos? lol. Still, want that hat bro.

  4. y’all look amazing! and seems like you had a great time together :) I secretly wish I was your friend ^^ lol!


  5. You guys complement one another so well as individuals and together you guys are just an amazing group of friends I love the support and inspiration yall give one another and to me the pictures capture all of what I mentioned and more

  6. Aww the good ol’ crew – You all look beautiful :) and Deem, you MIGHT be giving me a run for my money on that straw hat game you got there- I love that it’s a finer light weaving! and that jersey top- YES! …Trav’s pants – winningg – and you know Liz and the wallabees #love Josh- overall just smooth. And mr. Cleon – as usual, beautiful job – especially on the candids <3 xx

  7. All of you are very talented and creative people, sort of like the Fantastic Four of fashion bloggers. I really like the ‘fits. I’ve never seen a hat like that and the cargo pants are on point. Winning!

  8. This is really cool, as the rest of your blog posts! I love your style, and your rings. And the way that you always seems to mix some african prints or what ever into your outfit, so dope. Please continue, I want to see more outfits :D

  9. Man… Whats the name of the yellow vintage shirt

  10. What is name of the shirt you have on?

  11. So much things going right in this post. Respect every time.

  12. !!
    so so so great photos.. maaaaaaaan.

    i’m not sure but probably i want you lol
    ;) next photos, please!

  13. So lovely! Just found your blog on refinery! So happy to have found it!

  14. I also just found your blog through Refinery29. I love your photos. So much for having a productive morning at work. I’m going to be clicking through your posts instead!

  15. The red one from Street Etiquette can get it anywhere, anytime, any way he likes. Sweet Jesus!

  16. OMG! exploring Tumblr and I see a pic of a girl and it just so happened to be Lizzy! We went to high school together, cool girl…how do you two know each other?

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