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I rather the rain than the crazy snow we had these past months…and YES men can wear rain boots as well ( to my NYC brothas) lol




  • Coat-Absolut Joy
  • Shirt-Gant
  • Jeans-H&M
  • Boots-Hunter Rain Boots
  • Umbrella-Totes

21 Responses to THE TRENCH

  1. Fresh concept.

  2. man your killing it here bro..feeling the trench and boots.


  3. The second best thing about owning rain boots (the first is actually having a pair, btw) is being able to laugh at guys who think it’s okay NOT to have a pair of rain boots when it’s wet outside whilst you walk right through that 2 foot puddle of water at the corner of (fill in any NYC corner) with ease.

    Needless to say, great work brother.

  4. Nice man. the trench is hella dope!…keep it up.

  5. Pics are dope, I like the trench where did you take the pics at.

  6. Hunter boots and a Barbour jacket is a classic British look. The trench works well too…8-D

    • Adrian it’s funny you should bring up that photo! It was actually that photo that gave me the idea to purchase a pair of hunter boots…I love the classic stlye of British people!!

  7. loveee it all , great pics,great attire , love the photography, awesome…..!!!

  8. stunning! love the photography

  9. I’ve been a fan of your style since I saw you at You inspire me so much :)

    • I really want those boots too. I’ve tried shnicerag the net but so far no luck! I have a great place in downtown Vancouver that sells vintage boots, so I’ll keep checking there too but if you see them (Size 8.5 or 9)

  10. super dapper!

  11. Don’t ever be nervous, Kadeem. You should trust your instinct. You are Mr. Trendsetter 2010, afterall!

    Love the boots. I’ve been sporting them since Fall 2008. Also great for winter. Buy the fleece liners and you can trek through any snow – particularly in Buffalo where plowing city streets/shoveling sidewalks doesn’t always happen.

  12. Hi! I just found this blog and I’m loving it so far! I think this post is my favourite. It’s so refreshing to see a man wearing those boots. Heck, I want a pair! lol. Enjoying going through these posts though. Truly. Do keep it up.

  13. That first photograph in this series is amazing! Caught you on Lookbook and your style is impecable. Thanks for the inspiration my dude..keep up the good work.

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